Lian Gim (S) Trading – Plastic & Metal Recycling Company

Lian Gim (S) Trading brings a high standard of excellence and experience to the field of industrial Plastics and Metals Recycling.

Over the last 20 years, Lian Gim (S) Trading has been serving the recycling needs of companies in Singapore. Whether you’re looking to sell plastic/metal scraps or purchase recycled plastic raw materials, we can help you make the right decision.

Our professionally trained consultants, buyers and salespeople possesses the knowledge and experience to help your business achieve the maximum value and find the right material for your application.


Our History

Lian Gim’s recycle trade start way back in the early 60s by late Mr Tan Swee Kiat started as a collector of scrap metal around the neighborhood in Singapore.

After which he joined a local recycle firm as a head operation to buy/sell  scrap material from local/oversea customer and at that point of times he ever able to tell the kind of grade of scrap material just seeing it or hear the sound by hitting the material on the ground. he start on his own business know as Swee Kiat Metal in the late 80s. He was also well know as 阿豬伯 in our local trade .

After Mr Tan Swee Kiat passed away, his sons Mr Tan Teow Guan, Tan Teow Khoon & grand-daughter Jessie Tan took over the business.  Since then company grew and we are the tender contractor and had provided our services to the local business and various government bodies such as Mindef , SGH , Telecom, PUB etc.

Starting 2007, our company has included  recycling plastic scrap trade into our portfolio.