5 Reason Why We Should Reuse

To reuse or not to…that’s the question. Although it’s not something that was taught early on in school, the significance of the principle didn’t stick with everyone. So why is it important that we reuse old materials or turn them into something else? Reusing has numerous environmental benefits. It helps to save energy, limits pollution, conserves natural resources and also reduces greenhouse gases emission.

So why should we reuse or get involved in recycling materials instead of disposing them?

Saving Energy

It calls for an enormous amount of energy to make products or materials. When we reuse the product and materials as they are, we save a lot of energies. Tremendous energy saving is brought by using recycled materials instead of using virgin materials in processing and manufacturing.

Preventing Pollution That Comes With Landfills

Most people dislike a landfill in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid landfills as long as we keep falling into the habit of disposing waste. Although landfills are viewed to be much safer than they were twenty years ago, they are still a poor method of land use as they are a potential source of groundwater contamination. They release methane and other gases that are not friendly to the environment.

Prevention Of Environmental Pollution

Almost all manufacturing plants use water in processing products and later on releases wastewater and emit impure gases into the environment. Recycling and reusing products reduce environmental pollution caused by manufacturing, just as the use of recycled materials instead of virgin one prevents pollution in most industrial processes.

Saving Natural Resources

Reusing waste products and recycling materials to make new products reduces the use virgin materials, which often comes from mining the earth and harvesting trees. Recycling helps to reduce deforestation in a big way. The rapid depletion of the green vegetation has not only affected resource availability but also has had adverse repercussion on the overall temperature in the world. Most importantly, reusing helps to reduce waste at source or to avoid the generation of waste in the first place.

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission

Current studies have suggested that human activities have contributed to accelerate global warming which have altered chemical composition of the atmospheric climate. Disposal of waste has been projected to be one of the contributing factors when it comes to emission of carbon gases. Therefore recycling and reusing most of the waste products will go a long way in reducing global warming as we shall be reducing carbon gases emanating from landfills.

Therefore, in order to conserve our natural resources and environment and also contribute our bit to being patriots and responsible citizen, we must develop the habit of reusing waste products. You may not directly be involved in recycling, but you can support the move by buying recycled products. Support manufacturers who use recycled materials as their raw materials. You can also make recycling our everyday activity by encouraging as many people as possible to recycle. Before disposing the unwanted, you can check with a charitable organization to see whether someone in need can be helped by what you term as waste