Learning How To Recycle

Are you interested in learning how to recycle? If you’re trying to get started, use these real-world tips.
Learning how to recycle isn’t an easy process. Many times you realize that you’re wasting valuable resources, but aren’t sure of how to make a change. Recycling helps to save valuable resources, reduce costs, and lessen the carbon footprint with small changes to your daily routines. There are some keys to being effective though, so use this advice to get started.

Join Local Programs

There are probably a variety of recycling programs in your area. Many cities and towns have curbside recycling programs in place and you can learn about the options by contacting the public works department for more information. Be sure to look for recycling drop-off centers as well. If your area doesn’t have recycling pick-up, then a drop-off center is your next best option. Make it a point to go once a month or ever few weeks. These centers take commonly recycled items like paper products, aluminum cans, and plastics. However, make sure that you learn which items they will not take. Many programs don’t accept grocery bags or larger plastic furniture. Ask for a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items before starting.

Set up Bins

The key to recycling every day is to make it convenient. Set up bins next to your indoor trash cans. This will help you sort as you go rather than having to dig through the trash later on. If you work in an office environment, ask the office manager if you can set up recycling bins. Some businesses can even receive tax credits for recycling so taking the time to set up recycling is often well-received. Even if your business is not agreeable to this option, you can bring your own box to work and keep it under your desk to collect items for recycling.

Recycle E-Waste

E-waste is a term that’s used for electronics and electronic parts like televisions, computers, and old cell phones. Look for local drop-off centers that have e-waste recycling bins. Your local electronics retailer may even have a place where you can recycle old electronics. Since most of these items should not be disposed of in the regular trash, you’ll want to look for stores that offer this service. Veterans programs often take older cell phones as well, so if your electronics are still functioning, you may be able to recycle and help someone at the same time.
Purchase Recycled Goods
The best way to bring the recycling process full circle is to purchase goods made from recycled materials. Most common household products can be made from recycled products. Look for the recycled label on brands that you purchase to make environmentally friendly choices. Even clothing and furniture can be made from recycled or repurposed materials.
These are some of the keys of starting to recycle on a regular basis. Use this advice to find ways of recycling in you area. If you work on small changes in your lifestyle, you can make a significant impact over time.