Why Should We Recycle?

Should It Not Be, Why Do You Not Recycle? So, Why Should We Recycle?
There is no doubt that doing your bit for the environment is big news right now and it does appear to be the case that more people are jumping on this planet saving wave of enthusiasm and of course this has to be a good thing. You see, us humans might be good at a number of things, but one thing that we excel at is producing garbage and that causes a problem in that what do we do with it all? Our landfill sites are overflowing and we are trying to do anything we can to stem the tide of garbage that is coming our way and it then all takes energy to deal with it and then this energy also damages the environment. It is all a mess, but perhaps recycling really is the key.

Dealing With The Issue

So, we accept that there is a huge problem with the amount of garbage that we produce and that means we need to take a closer look at what we think we are doing by then producing more items that eventually lead to more garbage. Just stop and think about it for a second to really understand the idiocy of it all.
We have a garbage problem that is spinning out of control.There are more of us on the planet now consuming more products than ever before.More people and more products leads to more garbage.The speed at which this all happens is getting faster and faster. Making more products involves damaging the environment even more.Manufacturing requires materials and energy leading to environmental damage.
You see, by recycling as much as possible we can change every single point mentioned above apart from the one connected to there being more people. By sending our paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, and anything else to be recycled we are all able to break that cycle and stop things from going crazy. By doing so, it reduces the amount of new materials that are required for new products. It reduces the sourcing of them and the damage done to the environment. It stops there being the same need for the same amount of energy to be used in the production of the items. In other words, recycling helps us to regain some sense of control of the environment rather than watching it crumble away before our very eyes.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It is pretty obvious as to the importance of as many people as possible recycling as much as possible, but where do we genuinely go from here? In all honesty it requires even local government to take a hand in things and to really push for people to do their bit and to explain that yes you can help the environment and save the world in your own little way no matter where you live. You may very well believe that taking those empty bottles to be recycled is a waste of time, but its not. It means that they can be used again rather than a factory going through the entire glass making process and pumping out all kinds of gases into the environment. Recycling your paper to then be made into new paper once again saves trees from being chopped down and the atmosphere changing and even just one tree makes a difference. Why should we recycle? Because the world needs us to and our future generations need us to, so is it not about time that you started?