Why We Should Reduce Waste

For many years now, man has been blamed for irresponsibility towards the environment and neglecting the environment especially on waste disposal.
Why should we reduce waste? Let us venture into details on the importance and benefits of proper waste management on our environment.

Benefits of waste recycling

Recycling, basically means separating waste materials and recollecting those that are usable, to be either processed again or be used to make other materials. We have all come across the phrase “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse on our waste bins. This helps us to be able to separate waste hence making the collection process for recycling easier. Therefore, this is evidence that we all play a part in waste recycling process no matter how simple it might seem it goes a long way. So, let us now take a look at the benefits of waste recycling:

  • It reduces the amount of waste disposal to the incinerators and landfills. Since the waste is separated and recollected, the waste disposed off in the landfills will be less than the initial amount that would be disposed initially.
  • It conserves the natural resources. The landfills are filled with plastic and metal cans that can be recollected and recycled to make other useful materials. This means that such materials will not be buried in the soil, which would rather interfere with soil fertility and curb plant growth. Hence, in the long run, new natural resources like trees do not have to be exploited.
  • Curbs pollution- recycling ensures the waste is reused as raw materials hence, this ensures minimal new raw materials are collected trees especially.
  • Saves on energy- for instance, recycling aluminum cans, saves about 95% of the energy required to produce a new one. This reveals how much energy waste recycling wastes saves for an industry or a company.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As stated earlier, recycling waste energy is saved hence the greenhouse gas emission will be reduced. This gases cause global pollution, therefore, waste recycling is the best course to take up in order to preventing global warming.
  • Increase employment opportunities. From an economic point of view, recycling waste materials ensures that job opportunities like waste collectors are created. Most industries have now taken up a waste recycling project to ensure they minimize expenses; hence the numbers of jobs created are quite many.


Waste recycling is a trend that has been initiated by almost all companies and industries, and it goes a long way in environment conservation. This explains why most governments have put policies on waste recycling to the industries and companies operating in their region. However, the fruits of these efforts cannot be seen at the moment but at the long end the coming generation will appreciate these efforts. Waste recycling efforts should not be left to the companies and industries alone we can also contribute to this by ensuring that we dispose off reusable waste in the right disposal bin. Now that you have learned some few things about waste recycling, take an initiative and conserve your environment.