Scrap Steel is in High Demand

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reports that the amount of scrap metal that gets recycled in the U.S. is more than 150 million metric tons, demand for scrap steel is increasing worldwide. Steel has the honor of being the most recycled metal in the world. In fact, more steel gets recycled each year than aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper combined. Steel is also one of the most sustainable building materials in the world.

In developed countries, approximately 10 to 14 tonnes of steel are used per person. In emerging countries, the consumption is much less; each person uses between 0.8 tonnes in Africa and 5.5 tonnes in China. It’s natural that developing economies which need steel for construction are, and will continue to be, heavily dependent on scrap availability.

Benefits of Recycling Steel

Most of the post-consumer scrap available in the world is already getting recycled. It’s estimated that 85% of post-consumer steel is recycled. The challenge is to recycle the remaining 15%. The good news is the steel is among the easiest substances to recycle and reprocess, since it can be separated magnetically from other waste.


Benefits of recycling scrap metal are numerous, and effect both the environment and economics:

  • Recycling steel means less time, energy, and expense to mine the raw elements of steel.
  • Recycled steel goes into car making, aircraft, building materials, and steel cans for food.
  • The more steel that gets recycled, the less goes unused to toxic landfills. This translates over time to a cleaner environment.
  • By recycling ferrous scrap from used steel instead of using new materials, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 58%.
  • It takes a lot more power to take un-processed ore and process it into functionable metal, while it takes comparatively little energy to recycle unneeded metals.
  • The mining process that is required to get the iron ore used in steel releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries states that recycling metal may reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 500 million tons.
  • Additionally, the coal used to manufacture steel contains dangerous elements like sulfur, lead, mercury, and arsenic that are released into the air by burning. The process contributes to air pollution as burning coal also emits carbon dioxide into the air.
  • Any steel can be recovered and recycled repeatedly into new products without weakening its structure.
  • Recycling scrap metal benefits business owners who are getting rid of extra construction metal and old equipment. Some scrap metal processors will pick up scrap metal.

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Lian Gim (S) Trading has been in the plastic & metal recycling industry for over 20 years.  That goes a long way when dealing with material quality control. We can help reduce waste in your facility at the same time as increasing your bottom line profitability.

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